STOP Private Property Abuse #StopSpectra

Big Explosions

The San Bruno natural gas pipeline explosion is an example how deadly a pipeline explosion can be if in a populated area. The San Bruno natural gas explosion was from a 30 inch diameter gas pipeline. The explosion casused a magnitude 1.1 earthquake, a 40 foot deep crater and a wall of fire more than 1,000 feet high.

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Gas Toxins

Gas toxins released from compressor stations and leaking from pipelines, pollute the air, land and water with air-borne carcinogens endangering not only humans, but also animals, livestock, crops and your water and land.

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Property Values

Your property value will decrease with a pipeline on or near your property. Lower property values means less property tax revenue for the local government, cities and schools. The results could be fewer city services or an increase in your property tax rate.

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Eminent Domain

Land owners are stripped of their rights to the land they own. This is a MPL company trying to use public utility Eminent Domain to take private citizens property to build their transmission pipeline for their own benefit and not for the benefit of the local or state communities.

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FERC Draft EIS Documents for the Nexus Project (July 2016 update) have been uploaded.  FERC Draft EIS Filings

Live in Chippewa Lake, Gloria Glens, Hunters Run and the surrounding area?  Think your Water can’t be compromised?  Better read this:  Chippewa Lake Water Protection Area

The latest Nexus route maps have been uploaded (March 2016 update).  Click your county.  Columbiana, Erie, Fulton, Henry, Huron, Lenawee (MI), Lorain, Lucas, Medina, Monroe (MI), Sandusky, Stark, Summit, Washtenaw (MI), Wayne, Wood.

Live in Medina, Wadsworth or Seville?  Concerned about your health?  Better read this:  Compressor Station Wadsworth 

Live near the route in Medina County?  In the incineration zone?  Incineration Zones – Medina County


Why the pipeline is being opposed: LIES, LIES, LIES.



– Ethical and Friendly, Right?  More here on Flipping the BIRD to landowners

– They promise they won’t intimidate you.  More here on off duty officers accompanying Nexus reps to peoples houses.

– The proposed pipeline will run through hundreds of private properties and through some of our region’s most sensitive ecosystems.

– The pipeline is a 42″ or 36″ Diameter Transmission Gas Pipeline that will NOT supply gas locally or to the state as it will be exported.  You can’t simply tap into a gas transmission line.  It’s meant to transport gas from one point to another.

– People’s RIGHTS are being stripped  because Spectra wants to use Eminent Domain to forcefully take people’s property (as small as 1/2 acres lots) to build their pipeline where they want with little regard to logic, safety or the environment, all for their benefit.   More here on Eminent Domain Abuse.

– They say your property value won’t decrease and may increase.  Many people living along other pipelines had their property devalued, harder times getting mortgages and keeping insurance.  More here on degraded property values and mortgages and insurance difficulties.

– They claim there will be thousands of Jobs.  The U.S State Department concluded that for the Keystone XL Pipeline only 3,900 direct jobs would be created during the pipeline construction and only 35 permanent jobs afterwards.  Given this and that the NEXUS pipeline could be built in only months and remotely operated from Texas, WHERE ARE ALL THE PROMISED JOBS?  More on overstated jobs here.

– They claim there will be numerous benefits to the local, county and state economy.  Given there would only be few jobs (most being temporary) and materials needed could be produced overseas, the impact more than likely will be negligible.  A rise of our natural gas prices could create revenue.  As for tax revenue, if the pipeline terminates in a tax-free Foreign Trade Zone as the Keystone XL Pipeline was planned to do, tax benefits would be minimal.  More on the Pipeline scam here.

– They claim the gas could supply our homes and industry lowering our fuel prices.  The NEXUS pipeline, like the Keystone XL Pipeline, is destined for foreign markets where it could be sold at a higher rate than sold in the USA.  Consumer Watchdog documented this with the Keystone XL Pipeline.  More on foreign markets here and gas prices here.

– They say the pipeline is a SAFE way to transport gas.  First, all pipelines leak, eventually.  275 is the average number of pipeline leaks every year.  Given that the NEXUS pipeline would be pumping at a HIGH PRESSURE, this only raises the likelihood of a leak or explosion.   More here on high pressure gas pipeline explosions.

– Long term effects to the land, air and drinking water are being ignored.   If the NEXUS Pipeline is built, it will cross many major Aquifers that thousands of people and farmers rely on.  A leak or explosion would devastate countless communities, farmland and the environment.   More on hazards to our water and environment here.

– If there is a leak, tax payers could be on the hook for the cleanup and ongoing issues.  SAFETY planning just isn’t being taken seriously in the event there would be a rupture or explosion.  More here on American taxpayers footing the bill.

– They say the pipeline will not contribute to climate change nor degrade the environment.  Compressor Stations release large amounts of methane, plus other toxins, are noisy with continuous humming and are subject to dangerous explosions and fires.  They simply aren’t addressing air, land and water hazards.  More here on Compressor Stations and toxic gases.

– They’ll say whatever they want to say.    The GAS & Oil industry recently stated that God’s will for West Virginians is not to be farmers but to allow the natural gas industry to extract all the gas it can from their land.  More here on the absurd and profane comments from the natural gas industry.

R is for REGULATE not RUBBER STAMP.  More here on this.

BOTTOM LINE – This pipeline serves one purpose – PROFIT FOR THE COMPANY THAT OWNS IT



Keystone PipeLIES Exposed from Center for Media and Democracy.

 A list of the PipeLIES can be found here

In-depth presentation on the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline Proposal and its Issues explained by our friends at No Fracked Gas in Mass and Berkshire Environmental Action Team.

The presentation shows the reality and what to expect of a major gas pipeline (36″), its construction including pipe, compressor stations, blow down stations, metering and pigging, environmental hazards, health hazards, property value, insurance and loans, fracking and toxins, the industry lies and what they are doing to stop it.  The video is over an hour but it is a must watch.

We have been researching the need for this pipeline (or lack thereof), environmental and economic impacts and presenting across the state since August and are constantly updating with new findings.

Article: Unchecked Exports Could Lead to 3X Increase in Natural Gas Prices.

Inefficiencies in the grid are a problem nationwide.

Explanation of how natural gas is not a long-term solution to climate change from Union of Concerned Scientists.

Google Earth Tour of Oil & Gas Wells, Pads and Impoundments


Emmy Award-winning Resolution Pictures captures the passion and courage of people engaged in a David and Goliath confrontation. They stand together, challenging a system that promotes profit over health. We meet mothers, fathers, scientists, doctors, farmers and people from all sides of the political spectrum taking a hard stand against energy extraction techniques not proven to be safe. With the oil and gas industry’s thrust to expand fracking seen as a moral and civil rights issue, this provocative film documents a people’s movement, a groundswell rising towards reason and sensitivity to protect life today and tomorrow.
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Opposition to the Pipeline

— Informing the public on what the pipeline components would be, where the areas of concern are, what the possible impacts would be and why it’s not necessary and an unfair economic and ecological burden.

— Organizing the impacted landowners, towns, concerned citizens and others to resist the pipeline project.

— Creating a place for groups and individuals to find and share information, organize, collaborate and plan.

— Networking with elected officials, regulators and experts to support our mission.





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